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- AJVD STEEL - CONSTRUÇÕES, Lda was born from the need to simplify the entire process involving the construction of a house.

- Casas In-Tek is a registered trademark that represents our purpose to innovate and use the new technologies at our disposal.

We accompany our client in all phases, from land purchase, licensing, architectural design to turnkey delivery, respecting their needs and guidelines.

With the help of our partners, we will find your dream home, always with the premise of building with quality, efficiency and durability! For this, we chose to work with LSF (Light Steel Framing), a constructive method of high safety, reliability and more environmentally friendly. Know more here.

For those who need a quick move we have houses already approved for construction. The outside is ours, the inside is yours. Add your personal touch and create your home as you always imagined it. Come and meet us!

Wooden Stairs
Showing an Apartment
Empty Room
Concrete Porch
Planos de construção
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